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Instructions For The Spray Extraction Machine

To operate our carpet cleaning machine correctly and safely, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Pre-vacuum all areas and pre-spray the areas you are cleaning before using the spray extraction machine.

  2. Position the machine outside the house near a drain or in a position in the home where you are close to a facility to drain the waste water away.

  3. Familiarise yourself with the On/Off switches and the solution tank and waste tank.

  4. Plug the machine in to a socket and check that each vacuum works, and the pump works, by pressing each of the 3 green buttons on the machine. Then switch all 3 off again.

  5. Attach the vacuum hose to the machine and attach the cleaning wand you require for the job.

  6. Fill the solution tank with water mixed with cleaning solution (following the recommended guidelines on the product label).

  7. Turn on the 2 vacuum motors and the pump using the 3 green switches.

  8. To deliver a measured amount of cleaning solution to the carpet, pull the trigger on the cleaning wand. Rub the wand backwards and forwards whilst spraying the carpet.

  9. Once you have cleaned a strip of carpet make several dry passes without pulling the trigger to effectively remove all the cleaning solution from the carpet.

  10. When the waste tank is full the vacuum will automatically shut off letting you know the machine needs emptying and refilling with cleaning solution.

  11. Empty the waste tank by pulling the black handles up. The waste will pour out of the black spout at the back of the machine. Position this to pour directly into a drain or put a bucket underneath to catch the waste.

  12. To shut the waste tank off push the black handle down.  Do not dispose of the waste in storm drains. In must go through the house drainage system. There are hefty fines if you are caught pouring waste like this into storm drains. Please help to protect the environment.

  13. Refill the solution tank using the same procedure as before and clean as normal.

  14. After cleaning, remove any remaining cleaning solution from the solution by removing the wand from the vacuum hose and putting the end of the hose into the solution tank. Turn on the vacuum and suck up any remaining solution.

  15. Rinse the waste tank out by pouring water through it and drain off. Remove all debris from the bottom of the waste tank. It is your responsibility to leave the machine as clean as it was when it was presented to you. Failure to do this will result in £10 being deducted from your deposit to cover our cleaning charge. Please pack all the hoses away neatly and tidily.

Click the following link for further tips and advice on operating the Premier Cleaning Carpet Cleaning Machine and Equipment.

To get immediate help regarding these instructions, please contact our Carpet Cleaning Machine Use Hotline on 0800 612 4590.

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