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Window Cleaning Tips: A 5 Step Cleaning Process For Internal Secondary Double Glazing

I was Window Cleaning in Chelmsford recently on a large residential house, which must be one of the biggest window cleaning challenges I have faced; Georgian windows with secondary double glazing and the client wanted all windows done inside and out. The windows were absolutely filthy and had not been cleaned for some years on the inside.

 I am sharing a few simple tips which will help anyone who has to clean secondary glazing, these were learnt the hard way and will hopefully save you wasting the time I did whilst I developed a system to complete the task more efficiently.

  1. Remove the secondary Glazing to gain access to the inside windows. There are three types of secondary glazing and they all require slightly different removal methods. The more modern systems slide along runners and can be removed completely. Other systems have little clips on the top which you push in to release allowing you to pull the top of the window out of its channel, these hinge downwards allowing you to clean both sides of the glass. The older systems are simply kept in place with clips along the edges which can be turned to release the glazing

  2. Wipe all framework before cleaning the glass and vacuum all debris collecting in the channels.

  3. Clean all the interior Glass.

  4. Clean all framework on the secondary glazing.

  5. Clean both sides of the glass on the secondary glazed unit and spot check all glass for imperfections before replacing. If you are cleaning the secondary glazing which hinges down it is a good idea to check that no water has collected on the small lip on the inside pane(at the bottom of the window when you clean the inside pane and at the top when you hinge it back into position) because if you don’t it will drip down when you put it back up. I know because I learnt the hard way.

If you don’t fancy doing this yourself Premier Cleaning Window Cleaners offer an inside window cleaning service, by appointment only, to all residential customers in the following areas:

Chelmsford, Bishops Stortford, Saffron Walden, Thaxted, Dunmow, Great Hallingbury, Little Hallingbury, Boreham, Writtle, Broomfield.

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