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Window Cleaning Tips: Transforming Discoloured UPVC Windows

The best way to keep your UPVC looking white and bright is to have the windows cleaned regularly from installation. This will prevent discolouration from ever building up on the windows and keeps them in excellent condition.

We would recommend cleaning your windows and UPVC frames with a pure water system. Pure water window cleaning does not damage the rubber seals on UPVC windows (like some cleaning solutions can) and helps them stay cleaner for longer because it doesn’t leave detergent residues behind, which attract dirt.

If you have not had your UPVC windows cleaned regularly and they are starting to look grey and discoloured it might be time to give them some special attention. There are many different brands of UPVC cleaners on the market. As an experienced window cleaning company we have tried most UPVC cleaners over the years with varying results. Many of these products work well on windows that are lightly soiled but score badly on heavily soiled and discoloured Windows compared to our secret trade solution.

So what is our secret? The chances are you probably have some in your cupboard now. It’s nothing new or revolutionary. It’s called CIF, previously known as JIF (The cream cleaner in the white bottle). This is the best UPVC window cleaning product we have ever used.

Pour a little of this onto one of those non-scratch green scouring pads and rub over all the discoloured  areas and leave for 5-10 minutes. Wash over with water and rinse and you will be left with sparkling, bright UPVC windows. This process will remove most stubborn marks. Repeat the process, if required, for a sparkling white finish.

Please be aware that CIF is mildly abrasive and removes a top layer of UPVC (in the same way  T-CUT removes a layer of paint from your car) .If you do not like the idea of removing a thin layer of UPVC from your windows it would be advisable to use a proprietary UPVC cleaner instead. Most of these are not abrasive which is why they are not so effective in cleaning heavily soiled UPVC. We would not recommend using CIF on new UPVC windows. This treatment should only be used on badly discoloured windows that can not be cleaned by other means.

Premier Cleaning Window Cleaners provide all our residential customers in Chelmsford and the rest of Essex a specialist UPVC cleaning and restoration treatment. For a free quotation or more information contact us today.

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