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Window Cleaning Marketing Script

Door Canvassing Script...

Good Morning/Afternoon Mr/s……..

I’m sorry to disturb you

I’m ………. The local window cleaner, I am just calling to see if you currently have a window cleaner?

Wait for Customers response

I’ve got a window cleaner?

OK. Are you happy with them?

Listen carefully to customer’s response; any sign of hesitation usually indicates they are less than satisfied. Probe and clarify what aspect of their current service they are not happy with and sell them on the benefits of our service.  If the customer says they haven’t seen their window cleaner for a while, sell the benefits of our service and offer to quote.

Yes. OK, thanks for your time

No I haven’t got a window cleaner

Is that something you might be interested in?

Customer Express’s an interest

OK Great. Let me give you a little more information and tell you why we are different to your average bucket and ladder window cleaner.

Open up blue leaflet in front of them.

We use a truck mounted pure water system which is completely ladderless, so there is no risk of damage to your property.

We clean all the sills, frames and doors (point to fixed bottom door panels) using pure water. Pure water dries to a smear free shine leaving no spots or streaks whatsoever. So the windows absolutely gleam, and they stay cleaner for longer because the water is de-ionised and there is no detergent residue left on the glass.

We always call to let you know we’re coming and never turn up unannounced.

We give you a full money back guarantee on every job so if your not absolutely delighted with what we do… don’t pay us a penny. That sounds fair, doesn’t it?

Can I walk round the outside of the house to give you a quote (It only takes 2 minutes and I don’t need to come inside)

Price condition them at this stage by letting them know we are more expensive than most window cleaners.

Delivering the Price

To do all the sills, frames and doors with a full money back guarantee it will be ……… per month.

Are you happy with that?

If they hesitate, re-sell the benefits, emphasising the high quality job we do. If they still won’t commit do a drop down close by suggesting an 8 week plan explaining the benefits of the windows staying cleaner than normal window cleaning so they will still be getting better value from this service. A great closing line is “May I suggest trying us once and if its not the best job you’ve ever had we wont charge you, now that sounds fair doesn’t it?”

Get Agreement and close by asking for their name, address etc.

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