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Cleaning and Maintaining Carbon Fibre Water Fed Poles

Window cleaning with a carbon fibre pole is much easier and will reduce fatigue due to it being so lightweight. However, carbon fibre does require a little more attention than some other window cleaning poles, to keep them operating smoothly and to extend their life:

After every job and before you put your pole back into the van always wipe the black hose with a damp cloth to remove grit, dirt etc. The main reason poles jam up is because of grit being transferred from the hose to the inner section of the pole, making it difficult to extend.

The full cleaning process should be done at the end of every day, the pay off is a pole that is smooth and easy to operate which will allow you to clean more windows and make more money. There is nothing more frustrating than the pole sticking every time you try to extend it.

  1. Get a spare pole connector (the silver one which sits at the end of your pole hose and connects into your microbore) and 12 inches of clear hose. Attach the connector to your clear hose and you have made your new pole cleaning tool.

  2. Unclamp the 1st Section of your pole and extend until it is completely detached from the body of the pole. Wipe this 1st section with a clean damp cloth to remove all grit etc from the pole length and spray the full length of the pole with WD40.

  3. Connect pole cleaning tool to the microbore and turn your pump on so the water is coming out of your tool. Place the end of your tool into the top of the pole (the end you have just removed the 1st section from) and flush all dirt and debris from the inside section of the pole revolving the pole as you clean to ensure the whole surface area of the pole is clean.

  4. Insert the 1st section back into the pole and extend it up and down repeatedly to work the WD40 into the pole for smooth, easy operation.

  5. Repeat the above process for each pole section.

This whole process will take less than 5 minutes and will make your day easier and increase your window cleaning output. Make it a habit and you will save money too by not having to replace your carbon fibre water fed pole as often.

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