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Considerate and Safe Working Practices For Premier Cleaning Window Cleaners Who Operate the Water Fed Pole Cleaning System

Keep your van clean at all times. Your van is a moving advert for our window cleaning service, and your livelihood; make sure it says positive things about us.

Park your van considerately and make sure you are not obstructing customers or neighbours vehicles. Ensure you display your safety signs at all times and position hose reels as safely and considerately as possible for passers-by.

Close customers gates behind you as you approach the property and be careful when unreeling hoses, making sure they don't hit cars or catch on plants or flowerbeds etc. Treat the customer’s property with the care and respect you would like your own property treated with.

When your hose is on a pavement, or in a pedestrian area, always put up the yellow safety sign, warning people of a trip hazard.

Clean the top of the frame first, if there are vents at the top of the windows on any second floor windows do not clean the very top of the frame. Vents weep terribly and will leave run marks when you finish. On bottom windows with vents, clean the frame to each side of the vent ensuring you do not clean the vent or get water in it, then wipe vent with a damp micro-fibre cloth leaving it spotlessly clean.….this process will prevent runs.

Clean all frames thoroughly until they look clean and free from all cobwebs and debris. Brush the window panes thoroughly, paying attention to all the corners and be aware of any stubborn spots and stains (bird excrement etc) rubbing continuously until pane is completely clean.

A good tip to save time and work more efficiently is to check first to see which windows have bird excrement on them and scrub these briefly before you begin cleaning any windows. This allows the pure water time to break down the dirt particles and makes the whole job quicker and easier.

Rinse every window thoroughly from the top of the frame down, looking carefully for any remaining spots on the windows which will be shown up as they break the curtain of water falling down. Re-clean where necessary and re-rinse. Brush all sills over removing all debris from it and leaving it spotlessly clean.

Many customers have tiled door steps/porch areas. After you have cleaned the door these areas collect water.  Always brush the residual water from the doorway so it looks clean and presentable to the customer. A customer will not appreciate walking out of their front door into a puddle of water. Little things like this make a difference. It’s good customer service.

Always engage the customer in friendly, polite conversation. Do not bore the customer with your life story; let them talk about themselves more. They will love you for this. Always treat them respectfully and considerately. Any little thing you can do to help the customer will reflect favourably on you and will give the customer a positive experience they will not forget.

Good service builds loyalty and loyalty builds sustainable incomes for everyone.

Where possible always shut and bolt gates behind you ensuring you leave the customers property secure. Get into the habit of checking this after every job. Customers appreciate little things like this; it sets us apart from the amateurs. Always be professional. 

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