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Ladder Safety and User Guidelines For Premier Cleaning Window Cleaners

  1. Always ensure your ladders are firmly secured to the vehicle. Check that the ladder clamps are secure each morning prior to setting off for your first window cleaning job. A ladder falling off a vehicle at high speed can cause serious damage and even death and will undoubtedly, best case scenario, cause you expense. Always check and never take the risk, its only 30 seconds.

  2. The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) recommend a daily pre-use check before any window cleaning job you do. This again only takes a few minutes and yet many window cleaners don’t do it. Always remember to check the feet of the ladder also. If your ladder is defective if anyway do not use it. Call management immediately and we will organise a replacement for you.

  3. Our water fed pole window cleaning system means you shouldn’t have to use ladders very often. Only use ladders in situations where there is no alternative means of accessing the window and always be sure to follow HSE Ladder guidelines detailed below.

  4. Always ensure the ground is firm and level. In some situations you may find the ground is not level, in circumstances like this always have someone foot the ladder or use your ladder stopper to help secure the base of the ladder more firmly.

  5. Never rest the top of the ladder on window sills, guttering or any other surface where it may be possible for the ladder to slip sideways(UPVC Fascia is always a dodgy surface to rest the ladders on).Rock the ladder from left to right to feel how  secure the ladder feels on  the top resting surface. If it isn’t secure do not risk using it, unless you can get someone to hold the ladder for you, thereby helping to prevent any side movement. NB. if you do need to rest the ladder on guttering always be sure to avoid resting it on the brackets, these will not take your weight and will break. Always position the ladder in the centre of the guttering where there is less chance of breakages.

  6. Do not use ladders on slippery surfaces. ie snow, ice or where there is a build up of algae on the ground. Always check the ground first by rubbing your foot on the surface to check it is completely non slip. If the ground is slippery and there is no alternative place to position the ladder, place the ladder on your ladder stopper and get someone to stand on the other side of the ladder stopper. If this is not possible, do not attempt to clean the window and explain your reasons to the customer.

  7. If at all possible do not dig holes into the lawn with the ladder feet. Many window cleaners leave holes in customer’s gardens which look unsightly. Use your ladder stopper to firmly secure the ladder instead. If you do have to make holes in the lawn ensure you always fill them in immediately after you have finished cleaning that particular window and do not leave them.

  8. The angle of the ladder should not exceed 75 degrees or the 1 in 4 rule(1 rung out for every 4 rungs up).

  9. Do not over reach when using the ladder. A good majority of ladder accidents result from over reaching. Many window cleaners are tempted to stretch out to reach either corner on large windows to save time and avoid having to move the ladder twice. Always use the correct safety procedures and take a few more minutes to complete the job properly. Its your life and our customers property you are protecting.

  10. Never work off the top 3 rungs, these are to be used for gripping. Grip the ladder at all times. All ladder work should be for less than 30 minutes at a time, anything outside this is breaking company policy aswell as breaching Health and Safety guidelines.

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