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7 Advantages of Investing in a Premier Cleaning Window Cleaning Franchise

1) Residual Income

Window Cleaning offers the entrepreneur a repeat business opportunity. The majority of customers are happy to have their windows cleaned on a 4 week basis. This means each customer is cleaned 13 times a year and you continue getting the income long after the initial sale. Companies spend huge sums of money on marketing to get a second/third bite of the cherry, yet all we have to do is sign up 1 new monthly customer and we have a residual income for the life of the customer (providing we give them high quality work and great customer service). This allows for predictable growth and means that with an effective marketing campaign you can grow a very successful window cleaning business in a fairly short space of time.

2) Low Start Up Costs

Window Cleaning is a simple business which doesn’t involve the costs associated with many other businesses like premises, stock, staff etc. This means you can set yourself up with a small capital investment and because of the high profit margins you can self-finance the growth of the business fairly quickly.

3) Low Operating Costs/High Profit/Positive Cash-Flow

As a single operator (i.e. doing the work yourself), you have little or no overheads. You will require the basics like insurance, system maintenance and vehicle running costs and that’s pretty much it. Like many traditional business models you don’t need office or shop space, expensive admin systems, stock etc. This again allows you to self-finance the growth of the business at a comfortable pace that suits you because the business has such positive and healthy cash-flow and so little of your turnover is eaten up in costs. You can fully expect to collect 98% of all money on the day of the clean.

4) Low Stress/Hassle Business

There are very few headaches when running a window cleaning business. The simple nature of the work means we encounter very few problems. Customer complaints are virtually non existent (providing you deliver a high quality service) and the only time the phone rings is because of new customer enquiries. It also keeps you fit and strong and gives you a gentle workout every day without the gym membership fees.

5) Freedom/Flexibility

Window cleaning allows you to work your lifestyle around your business and not the other way round. It is up to you if you want to take the day off so you can spend the day with your kids at the football etc. It is also not necessary to work a 5 day week, unless you want to. You are in complete control and will not have anyone breathing down your neck telling you when and how to work. You can still make a living working just 3 days a week. It’s your choice.

6) Recession Proof

Premier Cleaning of Essex was built in the deepest recession we have ever known and has prospered quickly. The beauty of the window cleaning business is that your income is spread over hundreds of customers all paying you a relatively small amount of money. If one particular customer should cancel your service because of economic pressures it is very easy to replace that customer quickly without affecting your income. This means you have a solid, reliable income source that will never let you down. It is virtually impossible to go out of business.

7) Lots Of Add On Service Opportunities

The window cleaning business gives you a database of many hundreds of people who will be more than happy to use you to help them with other jobs they can’t do. These include: the cleaning of conservatory roofs, fascias and  soffits, interior window cleaning and gutter clearance. All of these jobs can be done with your existing set-up and offer tremendous opportunity to earn additional income without any expensive advertising/marketing.

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