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7 Important Facts to Consider When Looking For A Commercial Window Cleaning Company in Essex and London

There are countless window cleaning companies in the London and Essex area, how can you know which one to choose? This article will help you pick a professional company and guide you through the window cleaning maze with minimum fuss.

1) Always ask for proof of insurance. In the unlikely event of damages, not using a fully insured company could cost you thousands of pounds and hours of unnecessary work sorting it all out.

2) Make sure the companies you are considering are affiliated and accredited with a number of trade organisation. This shows they are competent in what they do; it also means they will be subject to the organisations code of conduct, giving you a more professional service. Many of the trade organisations will offer help in the event of any problems with members too, giving you greater peace of mind. The main organisations to look for are: The Federation of Window Cleaners, Ladder Free, The British Institute of Cleaning Science and The British Academy of Window Cleaning.

3) Check the companies Health and Safety Policy. They should provide you with method statements and risk assessments along with a site survey before any work is undertaken . Do not entertain any company that doesn’t provide you with this information.

4) Check what, if any, assurances or guarantees the company makes on the quality of their work. A professionally run company should be prepared to give you a guarantee giving you the opportunity of a free re-clean in the event of any problems. Companies offering assurances and guarantees on the quality of their work should always be given priority over those that don’t. It is an important point in demonstrating the professionalism of a company and shows they have confidence in their services.

5) Does the company give you any assurances on the competiveness of their prices? Always prioritise a professional offering a price promise over one that doesn’t. There is no point in paying more than you need to.

6) Check what experience the company has. Window cleaning is not rocket science but it is important that the company in question has an understanding of health and safety and proper working procedures etc. There is no substitute for a proven track record in any industry.

7) Always check the terms of the contract or Service agreement offered. Lots of companies insist on a minimum term contract, tying you in to their services for a certain period. A fixed price service agreement with no tie–ins would be much more advantageous to you. It allows your business to budget effectively and no tie-ins mean the company you select will always have to work hard to keep your business, giving you much higher levels of service.

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