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Important Questions to Ask a Residential Window Cleaning Company

Residential Window cleaners often have a bad reputation for being unreliable. People frequently mention that they have never had a good window cleaner that has stayed with them for any length of time.

Once you have found details of a window cleaner it is important to ask them a few questions and do a few checks to make sure they are bona fide.

Many window cleaners use door canvassing methods to get new business which is perfectly acceptable (it is one of the preferred methods for most of us in the industry), but always consider the possibility that some of these people might be pretending to be window cleaners for dishonest and unscrupulous purposes.

As an absolute minimum, check that they have some company literature (business card, leaflet, etc) and ideally an ID badge, before you let them walk around your property. Sign written vans and company uniform will also be a good indicator to their legitimacy.

If you are in any doubt to their sincerity, do not let them walk round your property.

A professional image will tell you a lot about a window cleaner also. A cheap shabby card given out by someone in a dirty pair of old trousers with a fag hanging out of their mouth demonstrates that they do not take too much pride in the appearance of their business and it is quite possible this will be reflected in their service.

Companies with a good professional image will normally take pride in their service which means you will get a professional job. This has been my observation over the years in this business.

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