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Premier Cleaning Health and Safety Policy

General Statement

All reasonable steps will be taken by Premier Cleaning to ensure the safety of all personnel engaged in window cleaning operations. Full risk assessments will be carried out on every site window cleaners are operating on. Any control measures found necessary as a result of the assessment will be introduced. These assessments will be reviewed periodically to ensure safety procedures are up to date and relevant. Full training will be provided to all personnel to ensure every window cleaning task is completed safely and efficiently. Ongoing training and information will be provided by Premier Cleaning to ensure all personnel are kept abreast of the latest health and safety regulations. The person responsible for implementing this policy will be the Operations Manager.

Arrangements for Securing the Health and Safety of Workers

Premier Cleaning will:

  1. Carry out risk assessments and periodically monitor and review all work activities involving window cleaning.

  2. Ensure all necessary measures are taken to reduce any risks found as a result of the assessment.

  3. Ensure all equipment used in the operation is suitable for its purpose, is in good working order, and free from defect.

  4. Ensure that all equipment is obtained from reputable suppliers and manufacturers and conforms to the relevant British and European Standards (further guidance on the correct use of the equipment is contained in HSE guidance note GS25 Prevention of falls to window cleaners).

  5. Ensure that all plant and equipment used is clearly identified and regularly inspected and maintained.

  6. Maintain a record system which identifies all company equipment used in window cleaning operations and logs each inspection, repair and maintenance procedure undertaken.

  7. Ensure all equipment is stored correctly.

  8. Implement a reporting system so that all staff can give valuable feedback on every aspects of the window cleaning operation. This information will be relayed back to the Operations Manager who will be responsible for taking corrective action where necessary.

Safe Systems of Work

  1. The major hazard of window cleaning is falls from external window sills or ledges, from ladders, from suspended scaffolding or through fragile roofs or from parts of the building being used as handholds or footholds. The following precautions should help reduce the likelihood of such accidents occurring:

  1. Selection of suitable equipment and system of work.

  2. Checking equipment before commencing any window cleaning operation.

  3. Removal of any defective equipment from service.

  4. Prompt reporting of defective equipment to Operations Manager.

  5. Correct storage of equipment between operations.

  1. Where the exterior side of a window clan be cleaned from the inside, ensure that there is no risk of falling through the open window. (This will depend on the window cleaner's height, the length of his or her reach, the depth of the sill and the arrangement of furniture).

  2. Ensure all personnel have received the relevant information and training related to general procedures and specific procedures to be followed in order to avoid risks.

Summary Policy Statement

The three most important steps with regard to safe window cleaning operations are to:

  1. Carry out risk assessments of each operation in order to identify specific as well as general hazards related to each operation.

  2. Use trained staff to carry out the operations and ensure that they are familiar both with the general and specific procedures which must  be followed.

  3. Use suitable, well-maintained plant and equipment which must be inspected at regular intervals prior to use, so that any defects found are reported and result in the plant or equipment being removed from service immediately.

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