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The Pure H2O System

Our truck mounted, pure water fed pole window cleaning system is scientifically proven to be more effective than any other method of window cleaning.


Because the water passes through filters and a Reverse Osmosis System to remove mineral salts and solids, such as calcium and chloride, leaving de-ionised (100% pure) water.

Pure water absorbs and removes dirt particles more effectively than anything else because it is always trying to return to its natural state (i.e. impure) by absorbing all elements it comes into contact with. It dries leaving no marks/spots, so you are left with sparkling, smear free windows every time.

What’s more, unlike other methods of window cleaning, this system does not use detergents or chemicals, so there is no risk of damaging paintwork or removing the protective oils from rubber seals on UPVC windows (as there can be with other cleaning systems), and because no sticky residue is left on the glass your windows will sparkle and stay cleaner for longer.

More Benefits of the Pole Fed Pure H2O System

pole-fed pure water window cleaning system

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