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Window Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning in Norfolk

Premier Cleaning offer quality, professional services in commercial, industrial and residential window cleaning in the following cities and towns of the county of Norfolk:

Window Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning in Kings Lynn

A Few Things You May Not Know About Norfolk:

The Iceni tribe were living in Norfolk since 100 BC. Led by the legendary Queen Boudica, they revolted against the Romans in 47 AD and again in 60 AD. Despite this, the Romans controlled Norfolk for some time developing many roads which still exist in Norfolk to this day.

In 1349 the Black Death reduced the population of Norfolk to such an extent that there are still fewer people living there now than at that time. Norfolk has one of the lowest population density’s of any county in England. It has 401 people living in it per square mile.

In 1597 over one third of the population in Norwich died because of the plague. Amazingly though, by the 16th Century Norwich was one of England’s biggest cities.

The county town of Norfolk is Norwich.

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